More space to move forward your business

The number make all the difference.

Choosing the Bologna Freight Village
means relying on an all-inclusive solution.

It is one of the most important logistic platform in Europe. It is positioned in a strategic location. It has been designed and organized to meet fully all company requirements. It relies on innovative services to provide added value.

The Hub consists of 4 million square meters, of which 665 thousand are occupied by railway and intermodal facilities and 600 thousand by warehouses. It is located in an area that is extremely strategic for the flow of goods, as it is positioned at the intersection of five traffic routes of national and international interest and between corridor 3 (Mediterranean), Trans-European corridors 5 (Helsinki-LaValletta) and 1 (Baltic –Adriatic seas). It is designed according to the most recent urbanistic criteria to facilitate logistics, movement of goods, work of operators and environmental sustainability.

Interporto Bologna is also a member of ER.I.C. - Emilia Romagna Intermodal Cluster, which brings together 9 of the main regional transport and logistics platforms with the aim of developing cooperation activities and promoting the intermodal platform system of the Emilia-Romagna Region on the national and international scene.

4,100,000 sq. min total 3 intermodal terminals 1 access gatewith security systems 800,000 sq. mcovered warehouses 1,000,000 sq. mfor future developments
665.000 sq. mcovered warehouses 45 surveillance cameras 1 motorway exit 13 kmof optic fiber reach the entirety of the Hub 1 transport operator hub service for the entirety of Europe


Today Bologna freight village can provide:

Internal railway connection in the national network
on the Bologna - Padua - Venice railway, through the Bologna Interporto freight station.
Terminal services
Many facilities
for people that attend the Freight Village.
(Hub Transport Operator) service, a system of logistic, railway and road infrastructures of excellent quality for a competitive transportation of goods to the advantage of companies.
Customized solutions
to provide warehouses with the highest quality standards available.
A technology that simplifies communication,
connecting buildings and resident operators in the area.
Support for companies with services of high added value for the management of logistics.
More than 100 national and international
logistic and transportation companies operate here, where they can successfully rely on a concrete support to their business.
An intermodal transport service
built around company requirements.A technology that simplifies communication, connecting buildings and resident operators in the area.