Interporto Bologna

The Company

50 years of history, projected for the future like never before.

The history of the Bologna Freight Village starts in 1971 with specific goals in mind:

shifting away from the city limits heavy fright vehicles, decreasing traffic in the city center,promoting the rail and intermodal transport and supporting the development in the Bologna area of a venue that is specialized in services for goods transportation and logistics. This was a new approach to these issues, not only locally but also for the entire country. After brilliantly meeting the first two objectives, the Bologna Freight Village never stopped growing every year and it is now the spearhead of Italian excellence in logistics innovation.

This growth was a gradual process. In the first stages, the Bologna Freight Village acted as a catalyst for the new transport stakeholders (Delivery Companies, Logistic Operators, MTOs etc.).

Subsequently, it established itself as a reference to for the industrial companies that realized the key role that is played by logistics.

Thirdly and currently the hub not only meets the requirements of an ever-changing market, anticipating its changes with innovative solutions, but it now focuses also on the human and social components that has always been a core element of the Freight “Village”.


The company Autoporto Bologna SpA was established


The company was renamed Interporto Bologna Spa with a clear intermodal nature.


The rail terminals and the customs centre started their activities.


The Italian Government financed the national freight villages to promote modal shift.


One of the biggest intermodal logistics platforms in Europe.


Establishment of the managing company.
Establishment of the managing company.
Land acquisition.
Agreement with the Italian railway infrastructure for the terminals.


Development of the 1st logistics area and the rail terminals.
First settlements: general warehouses and couriers.


Development of the 2nd logistics area.
First logistics settlements.


New settlements.
New services available.
Environmental commitment.

Vision for the future

Attain a new role as "Extroversive Hub" within the supply chain


With its long standing history of innovation, the Bologna Freight Village Is a sustainable platform of innovative and global logistics with a a high degree of added value services that can bring together companies in a common infrastructure.

Work in progress

Interporto Bologna owns 3.33% of P.L.T. Srl (Piattaforma Logistica Trieste Srl), a Company created to design, carry out and manage all types of activity relating to the new maritime terminal of the Trieste port hub.

Work was completed at the end of 2020 and the terminal became operational at the beginning of 2021

This initiative represents the only current major port project in Italy, and the fact that Interporto Bologna has a shareholding in the company that was awarded the contract makes this the first case in Italy in which an Inter-port company has invested directly in a port terminal.

In October 2020 the terminal operator of the port of Hamburg HHLA acquired 51% of the shares, joining Francesco Parisi Casa di Spedizioni, I.CO.P. and Interporto Bologna in the management of the logistics platform.

It is with pride that we actively participate in the creation of this window on the Adriatic and gateway to the East, to which Interporto Bologna will soon be connected via the new Bologna – Padova – Trieste rail links under construction.