Agreements for the Community

New agreement with DHL for private users

The new agreement with DHL, dedicated to the resources employed in the companies located in the Bologna freight village, allows private users to send envelopes and parcels at reduced prices, delivering shipments to the collection office at warehouse 9.4 and presenting the company badge, or a letter signed by the person in charge in which it certifies that the resource works at one of the companies located in the interport.

Discounts will not be applied if the courier is requested to pass through.

Convention on nurseries, childcare, care services and facilities for the elderly

Interporto Bologna signed an agreement with the Cooperativa Sociale Dolce, which manages various facilities for children (0-6 years) and additional services, always linked to children, as well as health services / home care, ambulatory services and residential and semiresidential facilities for the elderly.

This agreement provides for a discount of 5% dedicated to all employees of companies based in Interporto Bologna and will be valid until August 31, 2020.

In order to have access to the benefits, the employees of the established companies must submit a statement certifying that the employee's place of work is inside the Bologna freight village, together with the request for service. Alternatively, you can also present your company badge, if it testifies that the company operates inside the freight village.

In the download area, you will find the services offered, the partner structures and their contacts.

Information can be requested directly from the facilities you are interested in.

Agreements with "Centri Medici Unisalute" and "T.O.P. Centro Medico di Posturologia Globale"+

  • A discount scheme dedicated to employees of Interporto-based companies and their families.
  • The possibility of initiating a tailor-made health training and risk prevention project for the prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in workers.
  • The possibility of agreeing on wellbeing programmes organised within companies (employee check-up, nutrition, mindfulness and posture training seminars and workshops).
  • To take advantage of these agreements, it is simply necessary to present self-certified credentials demonstrating employment by one of the Interporto Bologna-based companies.


For information and reservations:

Centri Medici Unisalute

Via Caduti di via Fani, 5 – 40127 Bologna

Tel. 051/505990

For information and reservations:

T.O.P. Centro Medico di Posturologia Globale

Via Bologna, 110/59 – 40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto BO

Tel 051/6810374 – 051/9596805

Agreement with Adecco

Interporto Bologna and Adecco signed a partnership agreement aimed at understanding the new needs of organizational processes and management and development of human capital for the Transport & Logistics sector, which is undergoing a profound transformation, providing concrete support to the companies established.
Adecco is the company of the Adecco Group that develops and enhances human capital and responds to the needs of flexibility and speed of companies with dedicated solutions and tailored services, able to address institutions, organizations, governments and companies with specific expertise.
Managing change and guiding it, is the only way to look to the future with confidence and face the challenges of the market.
With this collaboration, Interporto Bologna aims to provide the established companies with a valuable contribution, increasingly strategic, facilitating the possibility of relying on a partner such as Adecco, a leading company in services and HR solutions, for the implementation of services such as outsourcing logistical models, organizational consulting, recruitment and selection of personnel, temporary and permanent employment and training and orientation.
The utmost attention to the enhancement of human capital, together with a consulting approach, an increase in the efficiency of production processes and the guarantee of full regulatory compliance are the key elements that guide the synergy between Interporto Bologna and Adecco.

For further information, please contact the Adecco branch of Funo di Argelato:
Marica Foti – Branch Manager,
Telefono: 051 6646887

Michele Frezza - Outsourcing Sales Consultant,

Contacts of the Operational Directions of Adecco Emilia Romagna Marche:
Giovanni Mangione – Head Of Operations,
Paola Caccetta – Candidate Manager Operations,
Dario Parizzi – Operations Developer,
Antonio Piccioni – Operations Controller,

Agreement with GI Group

Interporto Bologna signed a memorandum of understanding with GI Group, an Italian multinational labour company, with the aim of creating an ecosystem of advanced services at the service of companies based in Interporto. Dedicated Workforce Management, Mass Recruiting and Outsourcing solutions are available. The agreement gave rise to a strong synergy between the two parties, with the aim of creating a usual basis for established companies.  Initiatives are developed aiming at deepening the core themes in the world of logistics, such as the evolution of professional figures in the sector, digitisation aimed at making workforce management processes more efficient and identifying the best contractual and regulatory solutions, in order to guarantee flexibility, protection of employees and access to employment incentives.

For information:
Michele Savani - Division Manager Logistics, Gi Group
Elisa Mistri - Senior Sales Account, Gi Group