Why Interporto


The settlement of Companies and institutions present in the Bologna Freight Village is structured in the legal form of the condominium.
Companies and institutions at the time of purchase or lease, sign the Communal Regulation contract that since 1991 establishes the rules and rights of the various condominiums.
The condominium provides mandatory and optional services, according to the Regulations. The Condominium shares the costs, as per the Regulations, on the basis of thousandth tables calculated in proportion to the surface used, possibly coefficient, and according to the Civil Code.
The Communal General Assembly is convened once a year by the Administrator, to approve the final expenses for the year and the estimate for the current year.
It's possibile for the condominiums to receive an invoice for costs resulting in the recovery of VAT.


Condominium and exclusive services

To carry out this task Interporto Bologna uses the collaboration of companies, each one specialized in individual sectors, for the installation, supply and maintenance of the following systems:

  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Telematics and telecommunications
  • Surveillance, Alarms and Access Control
  • Plumbers and Heating components
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Maintenance o f buildings and roads
  • Metal joinery and carpentry
  • Surveillance and remote control
  • Fire protection system
  • Safety and pollution emergencies
  • Maintenance of green areas
  • Office and industrial cleaning
  • Rat extermination and pest control
  • Clearing, cleaning and video inspection of sewers
  • Removal snow and salt sprinkling of roads
  • Managing special waste
  • Distribution of fuels and lubricants ENI
  • Cars, Trucks and Tanks wash
  • Public toilets and showers
  • Signs and posters

Condominium Bologna Freight Village
Palazzina doganale
40010 Bentivoglio (BO)
Administrator:  Dott. Marco Sabbioni
Phone 051/2913036
Mobile 335/6679069