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Rail Services

The Bologna Freight Village features a railway system that extends for 665,000 sq. m, an internal railway station and 3 train terminals. It is the cutting edge in support and facilitation of use of railway systems all over Europe and it is innovative in intermodal transportation as well, as it includes railway and road services.

It provides an all-encompassing transportation service (door to door, terminal to terminal and door to terminal) that seamlessly integrates road and railways. Thanks to this system, it attracts companies, carriers and transporters in synergistic cooperation, ensuring convenience, timeliness, speed and respect of timelines. Last but not least, it provides an improved environmental impact.

The Bologna Hub ensures:

  • a painstaking and ever-developing European network
  • a strategic positioning (4 Ten-T corridors, new Gottardo railway axis, Adriatic Sea line)
  • added value services (goods tracking, weighting, repair of transport units, cargo transfers, connected warehouses)
  • cutting edge infrastructures
  • Direct management of two terminals.

In the context of the HIL agreement signed with Terminali Italia, Interporto Bologna is operationally responsible for all the activities within the related terminals, conducting, as an example:

- Handling

- Storing

- Management of hazardous goods (ADR)

- UTI inspection

- Entry of data in SAP

- Maintenance and repair of UTI

- Maintenance and repair of wagons

- Agency services (Train reservation, Train tracking and arrival verification, Administrative and Damage management Transmission of wagon documents, Train check-in/checkout)

The Interporto organisation and the rail operators operating within its scope promote rail transport through a series of domestic and international links, capitalising on Interporto’s advantageous position along some of Europe’s main goods transportation corridors.

In the context of the HIL agreement signed with Terminali Italia, Interporto Bologna handles wagon shunting operations across the entire inter-port area and connected networks.

-Train maneuvers

-Connection and disconnection of locomotives

-Removal or installation of end carriage signals

-Removal of contiguous wagons

-Piloting of locomotive

-Specific deconstructions or constructions

-Translation between tracks

-Towing of locomotive and train

In the context of Interporto’s rail services, a workshop dedicated to the maintenance of rolling stock and locomotives with the capacity to perform overhauls, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and refurbishment of railway wagons.

There is also a mobile maintenance service dedicated to clients with stock immobilised on other sites.

As part of the specific terminal services, the following services can also be supplied at the client’s request:

- Loading and unloading goods for regular traffic

- Shuttling

- Fork lifting

- Cleaning of UTIs

- Fixing and bindings

- Other general services

HTO Services

The HTO (Hub Transport Operator) service is a customised inter-modal transport services based on the client’s various requirements. Door-to-Door (from the originating warehouse to the destination warehouse) or Terminal-to-Terminal (from the originating rail terminal to the destination rail terminal) services are offered.

This is a system of logistic, railway and road infrastructures of excellent quality for a competitive transportation of goods to the advantage of companies.

Intermodal transport soluzion between Bologna Interporto and Zebrugge terminal Cobelfret.

Zeebrugge, 2 departures:

Wed. 03.00 p.m. - arrival in Bologna Fri. 11.00 a.m. (AxC)

Mon. 03.00 p.m. - arrival in Bologna Wed. 11.00 a.m. (AxC)

Bologna, 2 departures:

Fri. 06.00 p.m. - arrival in Zeebrugge Mon. 6.00 a.m. (AxD)

Wed. 06.00 p.m. - arrival in Zeebrugge Fri. 6.30 p.m. (AxC)

Info and reservations: sales@bo.interporto.it Tel +39 051 2913027

3 weekly connections:

- Integrated logistics services from Bologna o Bari (and to Greece)

- Railway gateway solutions also for semitrailers

- A reliable, timeliness and sustainable service

- Availability of loading unit (containers 45’ High Cube Pallet Wide)

- Value added services: back-office, tracking & tracing of cargo

Info and reservations:

Tel. 051/2913027