Cleaning and environmental sanitation

The cleanliness of working environments is fundamental and forms the basis of a company's working life and image.

Nowadays it is even more important to take care of the spaces in order to protect the health and safety of those who work there. This is why cleaning and sanitising services are carried out by qualified personnel who work in safety, respecting high quality standards.

These services are also accompanied by activities made necessary by the COVID-19 health emergency, water analysis and the provision of pest and rat control services.

Sanitisation (according to Ministry of Health Circular No. 5443 of 22/02/2020)

Elimination of bacteria, viruses (in particular the one responsible for COVID-19) and contaminants that cannot be removed by routine cleaning activities. The use of special chemical detergents brings the microbial load within optimal hygiene standards, reducing the risk of infection for workers. Interporto Bologna SpA offers sanitation services for:

offices, warehouses and equipment

locomotives and railway wagons

cars, vans and trucks

SAFE GUARD certification (COVID-19 FREE)

Service to verify the adequacy of COVID-19 protection measures, with issuance of a digital certificate guaranteeing employees and customers high security conditions.

SAFE GUARD consultancy (COVID -19 FREE)

A specialised consultant to support companies interested in obtaining COVID-19 FREE certification.

Sanitisation of ventilation systems

Ordinary and extraordinary cleaning and sanitisation service for air conditioners and ventilation system ducts.

Office and warehouse cleaning

A professional ordinary and extraordinary cleaning service tailored to your company's needs: from glass and all types of flooring to special treatments for chandeliers, curtains, delicate floors and furniture.

Pest control and deratization

Getting rid of unwanted insects, mice and birds has never been easier or safer.

Water analysis

We use a specialist laboratory to analyse water to prevent possible contamination and implement solutions that prevent the spread of harmful pathogens.