Facility and innovative services +


Breakdown intervention services and scheduled maintenance:

  • Single point of contact for all problems related to the office, working space and persons
  • Service available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Customised solutions available

The advantages:


  • Single partner
  • Delegation of activities and functions (in certain cases, coordination, supervision and control activities)
  • Acquisition of specialist know-how and availability of advanced technologies
  • Guarantee of service-provision standards
  • Streamlining of human resources


  • Increase of the availability of internal resources
  • Guarantee of service continuity and lead times
  • Greater flexibility
  • Simplification of procedures and facilitated relations with Local Entities


  • Clera and transparent prices
  • Maintenance of asset value

Interporto Bologna offers cabling services in partnership with the sector’s major operators.



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Integrated Management Service in which all building value maintenance operations are planned as part of an optimised tailor-made management and maintenance plan.

- Integrated building management including all building maintenance activities through improved efficiency of technology services (relamping, etc.) and those related to building registration issues.

- Cleaning and Environmental Hygiene: ordinary and specialised cleaning; sanitisation, disinfection and rat control; ordinary and special waste collection and disposal management; supply and distribution of hygiene equipment.

- Office Furniture and Equipment (office layout design, supply of furniture, equipment, air conditioners.

- Green Spaces: design and execution of the service according tothe specific requirements; intervention types and frequency planned with the client.

- Moving and Porterage: intervention planning, management and coordination.

- Information Technology and Systems: Software and hardware support, breakdown intervention within 1 hour.

- Repair of vehicle damage caused by hailstones.

- Surveillance: direct and remote.

- Broadband connectivity: optical fibre in partnership with the market’s leading providers.

- Proposal of dedicated catering packages.

Activity that involves continuous and planned verification procedures and the use of databases, necessary for maintaining or re-establishing building services. The preparatory phase involves the implementation of a survey performed progressively based on the distinction between essential and useful information.

Preventive maintenance involves the deployment of a scheduled maintenance plan according to the building’s various components:

- Heating/cooling technical systems

- Electrical systems

- Photovoltaic/solar heating systems

- Hydraulic systems

- Masonry work

- Joinery/doors/entrance doors/gates/motorised blinds

- Rat control

- Carpentry/stairwell/protection work

- Painting

- Drains, gutters, sewers, electro-pumps

- Fire protection equipment

- Lift systems

- Green spaces

- Equipment safety

Technical assistance and repair:

- Fire protection system

- Construction

- Electrical

- Hydraulic

- Structural work